Creating regeneratively, slow and in tune with (our) nature - a conversation with Zoë Lind van't Hof from Wunderworkshop



For today´s episode I have invited Zoë Lind van't Hof - co-founder of Wunderworkshop. Her mission with her brand is it to support the work of small community farmers that use traditional methods that are good for the soil, environment and for the farmers themselves. They are going beyond sustainability and are creating regenerative - supporting those that nourish the soil. Because without a healthy soil, we can't live.

In this episode we talk about Zoe's background, her upbringing and her personal journey. We share how we can respond to situations in different ways - either in victim mode or we can choose to see an opportunity and the bigger picture in the things that happen to us. We talk about a slow lifestyle and regenerative creation and businesses, that nourish the earth and also our spirit and our true nature. This is an inspiring conversation to empower ourselves as consumers and creators - so we can take responsibility and create real change.

Enjoy listening to our conversation and I hope you can catch some valuable insights for yourself.

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